Angry Husband Slices Wife’s Phone With A Cutlass


A Facebook user identified as Chibuzor Sandra Jim Ananaba‎, posted the story on her timeline on behalf of the woman. According to her, a jealous husband has been reported to have sliced his wife’s phone into two with a cutlass for refusing to tell him her password to the phone, she didn’t think her husband had any right to do such.

When the husband requested for the password to the phone and the woman could not provide it, he threatened to slice the phone just like onions. The woman thought he was joking until he carried out the act and cut the phone into two parts with a cutlass.

Read Chibuzor Sandra Jim Ananaba‎’s post below;

My jealous husband did this to my phone. Just because I couldn’t give him it’s password.The phone is mine for crying out loud, what should I do?” He said I should come and watch him slice it as onions I taught he was joking. He then tookcutlass and hit the phone so hard it divided into two, This is my privacy, can’t I have privacy in my home?

Nigerians as usual reacted on social media and most of the blame actually went to the woman whom was believed to be hiding something from her husband. It was speculated that the husband must have been suspecting the wife before he requested for her phone.


A user posted:

May be she is addicted to her phone,stubborn or she has a skeleton in her phone. Don’t worry,he will buy another phone for you and don’t be stingy with your phone because your phone is his phone.

Another User commented:

What is she even hiding see..its better they end this marriage now before he slices her one day because trust has been eroded ..the bible says clearly that women must should submit to their husband and I guess in modern day context passwords should be included.