House Maid Caught, Beaten For Spying On Oga And Madam’s Love Session

An underage house maid caught spying of her employers' love session,thought they are fighting and wanted to rescue her madam


An underage maid has been severely beaten and returned to her parents after she was caught by the madam of the house after witnessing their love making session through the keyhole of their door.

The incident which took place on Adekoroye street, Egibo in Lagos with their kids and ten-year-old Onyinyechi, the maid in question.

According to Onyinyechi, she is of the believe that her madam’s husband is always physically abusing her hence the constant loud noise or cry she constantly hears late in the night

Oyinyechi also says that she tries to open the door on several occasions to rescue the madam, but it was also locked from the inside.

Mrs Esther was shocked on one of the nights after they just finish fulfilling their marital responsibility

Madam Esther caught the ten-year-old maid in front of their door on her way to checking up on the kids for the night

On inquiring what she (oyinyechi) was doing in front of their door that late, she confesses only after her madam threaten to kill her

Following her confession, Oyinyechi got the beating of her life that night but was saved by the oga of the house who prevailed on his wife

Oyinyechi was sent packing back to Onisha-Anambra State, where she was brought by Mrs Esther’s mum in February 2018

The couple has been married for over two years and have two children, they needed a house help to ease the house chores burden on the madam of the house

They reached out to Esther’s mum to help get a maid from the village hence Oyinyechi was brought to them.

The couple narrated what happened to the woman and what Oyinyechi’s said prompted her towards taking that step

She has subsequently been sent back to the mother in-law and informed her that they do not need such a maid.