Albino Girl Gets Hand Chop Off


The arm of a seven year Albino girl has been brutally chopped off by ritualist in Tanzania.

The incident report says, occurred midnight in the mutupa Farming area Kitwe, where the seven-year-old lives with her sibling and her father.

The gang who gained entrance into their bedroom through the window of the house, got hold of the seven year-old, dragged her into a near-by bush and brutally chopped off one of her arm with a machete.


Copperbelt Police Commissioner – Charity Katanga

Charity Katanga who is the Copperbelt Police Commissioner while confirming the incident, also gave a descriptive narrative of how it all happened,

Katanga says: ‘’A peasant farmer whose name has been withheld, reported that his seven-year-old daughter, an Albino of Grade 1 at Mutupa Community School had her hand chopped off,

‘’The unknown criminals forced their way through the window into the bedroom where the seven-year-old girl was sleeping with her sister and forcibly dragged her outside into the near-by bush.’’

The commissioner further says, that a manhunt has been launch on the criminals. Further development will be brought as the story unfolds

Many people suffers from Albinism and Africa is not left out. The affected people in Africa stand out in a stark contrast to those around them due to difference in colours.

The rising statistics on the killings of Albinos, especially in Africa is continuously on the rise.

It is believed that people suffering from Albinism, possess special ‘luck’ when used for ritual purposes.

It is estimated that a one out of every five Albino is killed and parts of their body is harvested for ritual purpose.

They are also considered as bad omen as it is believed in some parts, that having an Albino child is a result of bewitchment.

Government has been called upon over time, to put preventive measures in place to safeguard the lives of these special people as they also have a right to life.

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