DailyTiz offers several advertising options including Geo-locations advertising, full-page and fractional ads, inserts, on-sets and custom programs. The funding which this generates is used to develop better content, programming and infrastructure.

Units and Formats

The diverse range of available advertising formats (standard IAB units) include:

Full Banner — 468×60 / 40Kb (across the top of any page)
Small Rectangle — 230×100 / 40Kb (in right column of the homepage)
Skyscraper — 120×600 / 40Kb or 160×600 / 40Kb (in right column of any section-front page)
Medium Rectangle — 300×250 / 40Kb (in the right column, bottom and across pages)
Leader Board — 728×90 / 40Kb (across the bottom of any page)
Sponsored Links — two lines of text, up to 65 characters per line (across the top of any page)

We accept

Animated or static GIF;
JPG image file banner;
An audio creative must have an on/off button, or a mouse-over;
May contain HTML, Flash, GIF and simple JavaScript;
Flash: Adobe Flash version 8 animation (SWF incl. GIF backup);
Each creative must be delivered as a SWF(Flash Player File) with the clicktag action for measuring
clicks according Industry Standard;
Animation loop unlimited;
Alt text maximum 128 characters;
An active clickthrough/ URL must be provided for each creative;
Actionscript should look like (Flash 8 Action Script version 2):
on (release) {
getURL(_root.clickTag, “_blank”);
ActionScript 3 is not supported!

Deadline delivery

All standards ads must be provided three (3) business days before the campaign start date.

NOTE: DailyTiz has the right, without any further explanation or motivation, to refuse or reject advertisements, without incurring any liability for damages towards the client. Contact us for more information.